Endowment Fund

Endowment represents permanent provision for the long term viability of Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation. We believe that building the WRR Endowment Fund demonstrates sound planning and good stewardship of resources which reflect the fundamental values and practices of our work. This work has been validated by over three decades of effective animal protection and care. We respect and value this organization because we respect and value wildlife and all life. Sustaining the work of WRR provides the best vehicle for expressing and supporting these attitudes and beliefs.

Our founder has been the visible presence of WRR since its inception. She is well-known and respected around the city and state, and even nation, for her willingness to speak out about issues of animal cruelty and exploitation and for her leadership in helping build the professions of wildlife rehabilitation and animal sanctuary. We plan to assure that the devoted, heartfelt work that she and so many dedicated staff members, apprentices, and volunteers have done for the past 30+ years is viable forever.

Why should you participate in building the WRR Endowment Fund?
  • You have provided annual support and sometimes additional gifts to WRR for many years and want to ensure that this support carries on forever.
  • You recognize the uniqueness and high quality of WRR’s efforts on behalf of animals and want the assurance that that work can continue without interruption for as long as it is needed.
  • You want to use some of the resources you have accumulated to create a lasting investment in, and memorial to, values you hold dear and the organization that embodies those values.
  • You have assets that exceed the needs of yourself and your loved ones and that you want to put to work making a better world for wildlife and other animals.

You may have other reasons for participating in the Endowment. Whatever they might be, we give you our personal commitment that your support will be invested with utmost prudence, that the principal will be untouched in perpetuity and that all its proceeds will be used consistent with the values and goals you share with Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation.

For More Information

Lynn Cuny, President & Founder
P.O. Box 369, Kendalia TX 78027
Email: lynn@wildlife-rescue.org
Fax: (830) 336-3733

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