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Katie Fine, Director of Development & Outreach 
P.O. Box 369, Kendalia TX 78027
Phone: 830-336-2725 ext. 314


Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation receives approximately 10,000 native wild animals every year who have been injured or orphaned or who are ill. Each of these animals receives the best care we can offer and when they are ready are released into habitats appropriate to their species. In addition, we provide permanent care in the sanctuary near Kendalia to close to 700 other animals who cannot be released. These include a wide range of native and nonnative wild animals, such as black bears, mountain lions, wolf hybrids, bobcats, a dozen species of primates, birds, reptiles, and others. Several hundred farmed animals also roam the Wildlife Rescue sanctuary—cows, donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and more.

It costs over two million dollars annually to care for these animals, along with those at the WRR Sherman Animal Care Complex in San Antonio, and all of these funds come from individual donors and private foundations. We receive no government support, which means we are truly an independent, private, and grassroots founded, operated, and supported organization. Your support is crucial.