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Wildlife Rescue offers the following educational workshops:

Living With Urban Wildlife

This workshop will explain why wildlife often seek food and shelter in areas highly populated by humans. Workshop attendees will learn how to peacefully coexist with and appreciate urban wildlife by using humane repel and deter techniques.

for adults   Register Here

Appreciate Nature & Animals

Students will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding, compassion and respect for Nature and wildlife. Workshop attendees will create a bird feeder made from recycles materials and painting.

for ages 6 -10   Register Here

Human Impacts on the Ecosystem

This workshop will:

  • Educate students about the struggles native wildlife face on a daily basis
  • Heighten your understanding of threats to wildlife populations around the globe
  • Discuss endangered species and hazards to their long-term survival
  • Give you the tools to create a reusable bird feeder and creative painting
for ages 11-14   Register Here

Coexisting With Native Wildlife

Students will gain a greater understanding of the impacts humans have had on the ecosystem and how that has permanently affected native wildlife. Attendees will also create a reusable bird feeder & bird bath.

for ages 8-12  Register Here

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WRR Education Office
Email: education@wildlife-rescue.org
Phone: 830.336.2725 x326