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When Animal Enrichment Activities Create Art


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Artistic Animals is Wildlife Rescue’s annual event in which you can enjoy the artistic results of animals having playtime or enrichment activities at Wildlife Rescue’s sanctuary. The idea came about 12 years ago when we noticed that wild animals, particularly primates, were drawn to enrichment items that were brighter in color. It was then that we decided to provide the animals with items that let them choose what they would create.

When provided with a blank canvas and blobs of non-toxic paint, some animals reject it and others engage in playtime activity create colorful art.

The art makes a great gift that everyone would be proud to display in their home or office.

Join us for this free event on Friday, December 10 from 6PM to 9PM at the WRR Sherman Animal Care Complex at 1354 Basse Rd in San Antonio.  Guests can enjoy wine, refreshments, artwork, and shop for holiday gifts. All proceeds benefit animal programs at Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation.

RSVP by emailing Events@Wildlife-Rescue.org or calling (830) 336-2725.

If you are unable to attend Artistic Animals this year, but are still interested in supporting the wild animals at WRR, click here to learn about our Animal Sponsorship options.

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