Pillars Society

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation has been caring for and protecting wildlife for almost four decades. Approximately 7,000 animals are brought to us for life-saving care, rehabilitation and release every year at a cost of about two million dollars annually (which includes as well costs of the sanctuary and its 700 animals and educational programs). We know that animals will continue to need the help that only WRR can provide. The uncertainty comes with our complete dependence upon donor support, which has always been generous, but each year can be suspenseful.

To help reduce that suspense, we have formed the WRR Pillars Society. Pillars are people who demonstrate the power of giving by investing in WRR with one-time or annual designated gifts of $6,000 or more. Support from these leaders has a direct impact every day on the animals who arrive at our gate. Every program element to which Pillars assign their support is absolutely essential to giving each animal the care he or she requires. And you can choose the exact way in which you want your help used.

WRR is a unique organization, in the range of its work for animals (rehab-and-release, sanctuary, education, collaboration, advocacy, care of farmed and companion animals), in the respect that it has earned, and in the commitment of its strongest supporters.

Pillars provide the support for annual operations that helps ensure WRR’s health and stability. Some of the ways you can choose to become a part of this critically important Society include construction of animal enclosures; veterinary medications, supplies, and equipment; animal food, intern and apprentice stipends, and staff positions.

As a member of the WRR Pillars Society you will be invited to special member events and will receive regular updates on the use of your gift. We cannot stress enough the need for your support in keeping WRR’s basic needs funded. Nor can we thank you enough for your previous help.


You can become a Pillars Society Member today by selecting the Pillar you would like to support below. Then click below to make your transaction.

Enhancement of Animal Enclosure Interiors – $6,000
Infant Formula for Orphaned Mammals – $9,000
Food and Bedding Hay for Farmed Animals – $10,000
WRR Staff Continuing Education & Training – $10,000
Veterinary / Hospital Medications & Supplies – $15,000
Heating & Hay for Animals in Winter – $15,000
Fuel & Equipment for Animal Rescues & Releases – $15,000
Food for Permanent Resident Birds & Mammals – $24,000
Hotline Operator Salary – $25,000
Animal Caretaker Salary – $25,000
Vet Tech Salary – $25,000
Educator / Advocate Salary – $35,000
Veterinarian Salary – $60,000

For More Information

Lynn Cuny, President & Founder
P.O. Box 369, Kendalia TX 78027
Email: lynn@wildlife-rescue.org
Fax: (830) 336-3733

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