Become a Wildlife Sustainer

The Wildlife Rescue Sustainers are a special group of supporters who make a small monthly contribution to underwrite our life-saving work. Imagine the benefits that add up over the course of a year when many of you come together in this way! Not only does it provide vital resources to feed babies and repair broken wings, but it gives budgetary stability so that boom-bust cycles are reduced. Each month your credit card will be automatically charged for your designated gift. But you remain in control — you can cancel your monthly commitment anytime you choose.

The advantage to you of this way of helping is that a small monthly gift can be made with little impact on your household budget, and yet, over the months it can add up to more than you usually give in one or a few larger gifts during the year. Monthly amounts as little as $15, $20, $25, or more add up to significant assistance over a year while representing only a small portion of your monthly spending.

WRR has been saving lives since 1977.
Help us to continue that effort.