Staff & Apprentices

Administrative & Program Staff

Lynn Cuny, Founder/President
Diana Reyes, CFRE, Chief Executive & Development Officer
David Mata, Chief Administrative Officer
Craig Brestrup, Ph.D., Development Associate
Toni Guarrino, Development & Communications Manager
Brenda Maytum, Administrative & Development Coordinator
Belinda Childers, Administrative Assistant
David Bassi, Hotline Rescue Specialist
Art Gonzales, Facilities Manager
Anthony Carvajal, Facilities Technician
Charlie Nowak, Facilities Technician

Animal Care & Medical Staff

Kelly McCoy, Director of Animal Operations
Ellen Haynes, DVM, Staff Veterinarian &
Director of Animal Care
Tim Shultz, Below the Gate Supervisor
Leon Ruttley, Apprentice Supervisor & Trainer
Ariana Shorts, Animal Caretaker
Carolyn Bailey, Animal Caretaker
Rachelle Cleveland, Animal Caretaker
Ava Donaldson, Animal Caretaker
Katherine Hoffman, Animal Caretaker
Cheryl Huddleston, Animal Caretaker
Amanda Kittrell, Animal Caretaker
Ivy Martinez, Animal Caretaker
Beth Pynnonen, Animal Caretaker
Diane Thovson, Veterinary Technician
Kelsey Williams, Animal Caretaker

WRR San Antonio

Kimberly Stephens, Sherman Animal Care Complex Manager
Stephanie Hardin, Animal Caretaker
Marissa Lamb, Animal Caretaker

Apprentice Caretakers

Brianna Brooks
Donna Englund
Ashley Morales
Jenna Stragand


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